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  • May 7, 2019 at 8:34 am #4223

    Most posts deal with Guad below the Lake.  Is it now time to move to western Hill Country Rivers?  Does anybody have anything to report about other rivers fished? Has the Llano recovered from big flooding and how is it fishing?

    May 16, 2019 at 8:41 pm #4257

    the farther west and the farther uphill you go, the quicker the rivers recover from flash flooding – there’s just not a lot of chert to retain muddy water and cloud the rivers.  Farthest upriver crossing on the Pedernales, 48 hours after a 900 cfs monsoon wash.

    Most of the hill country headwaters will fish well 48 hours after a flood. Note that people often use hill country to define a range of waters, some of them even draining black-dirt farmland – but if you get far enough up the Llano, it’s close enough.  Little waters like the James R. can be smashing in years like this.  Long drives to Vance and Barksdale can blow your mind, especially the rare trees that overhang the river.  If you do fish the Nueces, watch out for the white quicksand – it looks just like flagstone through the clear water.

    Here’s the USGS for Texas – every gauge by basin, east to west.  Click on a gauge, it will plot flows for the past week.


    Intellicast used to give good 24-hr rainfall maps so you could predict run-off, but they sold out to Weather Underground.

    Doppler radar is also a good thing so you don’t get caught in a flash flood.

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